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If you do not know what exact right-angle drills you are looking for, I have put together a review of right-angle drills that I find is the best on the market right now.

If you are looking for a nice quality right-angle drill, our page can help you.

However, no need to worry. We have collected the best right-angle drills. Scroll the page and you will get surprised.

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Neiko 3/8-Inch, 55-Degree Close Quarters Right-Angle Drill - Pistol Grip

The Neiko close quarter angle drill features a 55-degree angle, let you reach to the tight areas. Pistol grip, paddle trigger, one-hand operation. 3/8-inch chuck, variable speed ranges from 0 to 1,400 rpm.

Product Research
  • “The only down part of the whole deal is that it’s made in China!” – Ringo
  • “Small, powerful, great shape, perfect for the places a regular drill doesn’t fit.” – M. P. Sutfin
  • “There was no sound or rough feel like a gear stripped, so I decided to take it apart.” – HLee jpn

Makita DA3010F 4 Amp 3/8-Inch Right Angle Drill with LED Light

Powerful 4.0 AMP motor with less weight (3.5 lbs.

Customer Reviews
  • “Nice built in led light and very good over all quality and feel.” – artist
  • “I give this tool my highest recommendation.” – Karl G. Fife
  • “A drill like this needs to be as compact as possible because you never know when you’ll need to get it in a very tight space.” – S. Bradford

Bosch PS11-102 12-Volt Lithium-Ion Max 3/8-Inch Right Angle Drill/Driver Kit with (1) High Capacity Battery and Charger

The PS11 Angle Drill/Driver features a 5-Position articulating head which rotates from 90-degress to 180-degrees. With its compactness and short height, the PS11 is small enough to reach into tight areas and corners.

Consumer Reviews
  • “It feels heavy and solid.” – Eagle Vision
  • “So if you need a drill for every day job, consider this gem.” – J. Oh
  • “A very handy drill for tight places.” – Robert Caspari Jr.

DEWALT DW160V 3/8-Inch VSR Right Angle Drill

A remarkably compact tool, DeWalt’s 3/8-inch, 3.2 amp right-angle drill is designed for electricians, plumbers, remodelers, and anyone else who works in tight places.

Product Ratings
  • “No variable speed, no reverse!!!You better be perfect because god forbid you must back a screw out, no reverse.” – tool collector
  • “Switching the bit out (with a keyed chuck), I got my hand caught in the chuck key, grabbed the handle, and off to the medic.” – Orlando Johnson
  • “The weight of the drill is very good and the compactness is exceptional.” – Ron Taylor

Bare-Tool Milwaukee 2415-20 M12 12-Volt 3/8-Inch Cordless Right Angle Drill/Driver (Tool Only, No Battery)

With a head size of only 3.75 inches, the 2415-20 M12 cordless 3/8-inch right angle drill driver delivers 100 inch-pounds of torque in a compact, lightweight design. The first sub-compact right angle …

  • “Whenever I get a new tool I like to refer to it as “the best tool in the nation”.” – Robert Cozzi
  • “Pros: + Very well built + The built in LED illuminates your work area when the button is pressed; this is great.” – Jeremy
  • “This tool is perfect for tight spots.” – Jim Mynes

Milwaukee 3107-6 7.0 Amp 1/2-Inch Right Angle Drill with D-Handle

As everyone knows, both plumbing and electrical work require drilling in tight spots. While the Milwaukee Hole Hawg may be the choice for most professional plumbers and electricians, this less-expensive right-angle drill is a solid option to consider for the same applications.

Consumer Reviews
  • “Everything about this tool is top of the line – great case, great documentation, great durability.” – DisplacedMic
  • “You can use your whole body to control the drill, which makes for much less tiring work (e.g., when mixing drywall mud).” – Charise White
  • “This is a great drill for making holes in tight spaces.” – S. Bradford

Milwaukee 2415-21 M12 12-Volt 3/8-Inch Cordless Right Angle Drill/Driver Kit

With a head size of only 3.75-inches, the 2415-21 M12 cordless 3/8-inch right angle drill driver delivers 100 in-lbs of torque in a compact light weight design. The first sub-compact right angle drill …

Expert Advice
  • “Ok this is a very good tool.” – F. Carrino
  • “It works in tight places.” – Bigrock
  • “And this tool lives up to Milwaukee’s reputation for quality in its products.” – Sustainable Advocate

Bosch 1132VSR 3.8-Amp 3/8-Inch Right Angle Drill

3/8 Right Angle Drill Keyed Chuck Low profile & small chuck offset makes it ideal for drilling in tight spaces. Features: 3.8 AMPs 1100 RPM Bosch has been in the headlines of state of the art development for over 100 years.

  • “Well, I am happy to say that it feels and works fine.” – DB
  • “It performed flawlessly.” – RJS64
  • “It is trivial to press with just a slight pressure aft and down but will not go on with just accidental pressure against it.” – A. Edwards

DEWALT DCD740C1 20-Volt MAX Li-Ion Compact Right Angle 1.5 Ah Drill Kit

DEWALT’S DCD740C1 20-volt max lithium-ion compact 1.5 Ah right angle drill kit comes equipped with advanced technology and innovative features that make it ideal for remodelers, carpenters, steel stud framers, woodworkers, electricians, and plumbers.

Consumer Reviews
  • “The overall weight balance, length, and grip surface were very good.” – grandorb
  • “I’ve found that when working in very tight spaces those two factors can make the difference in being able to do the job.” – Tbones
  • “I’ve been using this drill for everything.” – Scott McAfoos

Hitachi D10YB 4.6 Amp 3/8-Inch Right Angle Drill

Hitachi D10YB 4.6-Amp Reversible Right Angle Drill with Chuck Key and Side Handle

Product Reviews
  • “I have had it a month, and so far it seems like a very solid, very well made machine.” – Ronald
  • “Whether your drilling or driving, this is the perfect tool for tight spaces.” – Scot R.
  • “I liked the switch, it was nice not to have to hold it “on” yet still be able to shut it off quickly.” – Aaron Dewar

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